Data Mining

Bardwell Consulting brings decades of experience in identifying patterns and relationships in data. We use a range of statistical techniques to discover previously unknown and potentially useful information. Through this knowledge discovery process we create models to predict future behavior. We have applied data mining to:Automated decision tree of marketing data

  • analyze property management records for patterns of treatment of persons with disabilities
  • discover characteristics of households for a survey of immigrant families that removed 97% ineligible households, by data mining commercially available marketing database
  • analyze the relationship between stamp duty rates and real estate sales
  • analyze caseload processing and developed model predicting growing backlog resulting from faulty computer system
  • analyze all election records for evidence of mishandling or fraud in election
  • analyze employment records for patterns in employment decisions
  • construct model of jury selection process revealing systemic bias
  • analyze detailed records for over 150,000 students to reveal patterns relating race, poverty and educational achievement
  • develop algorithms applying probability theory to improve performance of genetic programming application
  • develop a novel method for revealing socioeconomic and age bias in jury selection
  • develop data mining system to identify and estimate royalty underpayment for statistical billing
  • conduct a study of minority voting patterns to reveal patterns of racial bloc voting