Econometrics & Auditing

We have provided our clients with the following econometric, audit and financial analyses:

  • Analysis of the impact of stamp duty rates on real estate transaction volume and value in the Cayman Islands

  • Design and analysis of samples of properties to be appraised to estimate total property value for settlement of damages from heavy metals pollution from smelterEconometric models: trademark infringement

  • Econometric model of losses resulting from disparities in stock distribution

  • Loss from trademark infringement estimated using model of variable costs associated with production

  • Computation of lost earnings in employment litigation

  • Stratified sample of inventory for audit

  • Estimation of underpayment and method for billing underpayments based on statistical sampling

  • Estimation of compliance based on statistical sampling

  • Audit target selection based on statistical sampling

  • Developed method for aggregating transactions and computing median weighted valuation index

  • Design and analyze samples of accounts to be audited for approval of IPO

  • Counter claims that injury would not result from rear-end collision for insurance dispute

  • Assessed bias in Division Independent Medical Examinations performed for the Division of Workers Compensation

  • Analysis of disparities in compensation for employment litigation

  • Critique of regression model of demand for kidney dialysis facilities in health care regulatory dispute

  • Estimate attorneys’ fees improperly retained by State in collection of SSI reimbursements