Government Agency Monitoring

We have provided our clients with the following government agency monitoring services:Public sector technology consulting: monitoring of Colorado Benefits Management System
  • Analysis of social service departmental databases for litigation

  • Development of computer programs to analyze recidivism and issues relating to the quality of child welfare

  • Design of sampling plan to assess compliance of child welfare department with settlement agreement

  • Development of sampling plan, statistical algorithms and software for audit target selection and estimation of royalty underpayment for statistical billing, as well as for computing median weighted gas valuation index.

  • Presentation of findings regarding methods for measuring gas, oil and mineral royalty payment compliance and billing royalty underpayments based on statistical sampling to State and Tribal Audit Committee Conference.

  • Development and programming of method for aggregating transactions and computing median weighted gas valuation index; designed weighted, multi-stage, proportional sampling strategy for validating index using ratio estimation.Evaluation of impact of race on education

  • Analysis of School District Database to determine importance of race vs. poverty on student performance
  • Report on the application of statistical sampling to audit target selection and royalty billing; programming of automated routines for designing the required samples, random sampling royalty transactions, and computation of estimated underpayment.

  • Evaluation of the adverse impact of alternative pre-employment tests on public safety employees