Database Design & Custom Computer Programming

Some of the database design and computer programming services we have provided to our clients in the past include:

  • Creation of custom web-based computer program for auditing Federal election campaign contributions and expendituresAudit sampling program for the Federal Election Comission

  • Analysis of Social Services departmental databases for litigation

  • Design of computer programs to analyze recidivism and issues relating to the quality of childcare

  • Troubleshoot software implementation for County Human Services Agency

  • Design and implementation of database integration for events and performing arts producer

  • Development of sampling plan, statistical algorithms and software for audit target selection and estimation of royalty underpayment for statistical billing, as well as for computing median weighted gas valuation index.

  • Programming of method for aggregating transactions and computing median weighted gas valuation index; designed weighted, multi-stage, proportional sampling strategy for validating index using ratio estimation.

  • Programming of automated routines for designing the required samples, random sampling royalty transactions, and computation of estimated underpayment.

Bardwell Consulting offers a new innovative program to reduce your exposure to discrimination claims. We can assist you in creating and documenting a human resources system which helps avoid the common pitfall of unexplained and statistically significant bias in employment decisions. We can help you:
  • Assess your exposure to employment discrimination claims

  • Evaluate, design or redesign, and monitor your human resource information system to document business-related reasons for employment decisions

  • Apply statistical tools to evaluate, identify and eliminate statistically significant bias in employment