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To inspire an informed decision, you need statistics: a clear, visual presentation & thorough analysis of complex data that your audience can rely on. When the stakes are high and the decision makers need to understand your presentation, clarity and simplicity become crucial. Our clients consistently praise our ability to convey complex ideas, in a clear and effective manner.

Bardwell Consulting offers you 25 years of experience in statistical consulting, expert witness services, litigation support, sampling and survey design. Our clients include over 100 law offices, government agencies businesses large and small, and not-for-profit organizations.

Our commitment to our clients is to act as an uncompromising, responsive team, providing a complete array of analytical, research and presentation services to help you make your point:Demographics: labor force model

  • Clear, visually dramatic exhibits, targeted to your audience, from juries to legislators, from citizen groups to Boards of Directors.
  • Critical, aggressive research, often unveiling flaws in opposing parties' use of statistics.
  • Creative and thorough analysis, often discovering new material to support your case.
  • Expert presentations with the credibility of experience and expertise, and the likeability of a fourth generation down-to-earth Coloradoan.

We have successfully contributed to an array of litigation and public policy decisions:

We are passionate about promoting social justice, and have devoted many years to pro bono statistical consultation in support of social reform through litigation.


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Focus: Elections Audits & Sampling

Bardwell Consulting continued to expand our work on survey and sample design. We created the program that the Federal Election Commission (FEC) is using to monitor contributions and expenditures for all federal elections. The Audit Sampling Program (ASP) was developed as a web-based application that can also run on auditors’ notebook computers, using the same code base. This represents a major step forward for the FEC in terms of usability and efficiency, and will help to ensure a thorough and accurate election auditing process.

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