Sampling & Surveys

Sampling: stratification analysis for the Department of Interior We have provided our clients with the following sampling and surveying services:

  • Public survey design, analysis and report production

  • Population survey: construction of housing inventory and GIS profile of the study area

  • Stratified and other sample designs for inventory and audit control.

  • Bootstrap estimates of the precision of complex survey results

  • Design of acceptance sampling plans

  • Weighted, multi-stage, proportional sampling strategies using ratio estimation

  • Application of models to determine accuracy of tax assessments, using sample of field measurements.

  • Sample to evaluate extent of alleged fraud

  • Sample testing to verify contract performance

  • Sampling plans for rate dispute cases and railroad mergers under I.C.C. jurisdiction

  • Sampling methods for drug and other random testing

  • Statistical sampling to identify audit target selection

  • Automated computer programs for designing samples, random sampling, and compute estimates

  • Survey to project number of persons who use wheelchairs denied access to retail stores

  • Sampling plan to assess compliance of Child Welfare Department with settlement agreement

  • Analysis of property tax assessments

  • Demographic analysis, including GIS techniques, for extending demographic information

  • Design and execution of a door-to-door survey of voters to determine the impact of disparate treatment of absentee ballots