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Focus: Elections Audits & Sampling

Bardwell Consulting continued to expand our work on survey and sample design. We created the program that the Federal Election Commission (FEC) is using to monitor contributions and expenditures for all federal elections. The Audit Sampling Program (ASP) was developed as a web-based application that can also run on auditors’ notebook computers, using the same code base. This represents a major step forward for the FEC in terms of usability and efficiency, and will help to ensure a thorough and accurate election auditing process.

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A New Look for a New Year

Though Bardwell Consulting has had a web presence since the early days of the internet (1998) we thought it was time to bring our website into the new millenium with a complete site redesign. As part of the process we've improved the content and usability of the site while retaining all the useful information of the old site, such as our free tools. Additionally, this spot will be updated with the latest news and information about our projects and research so check back frequently or subscribe to our RSS feed.
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