Who We Are

Dr. Robert (Andy) Bardwell

Dr. Robert (Andy) Bardwell Dr. Bardwell is responsible for the overall management of statistical consulting in the firm. He collects and analyses data and assures quality control. Dr. Bardwell will be your main point of contact with the firm. He will administer your contract and serve as your expert witness in court. He is always available to discuss the progress of the firm's work on your case.

Dr. Robert (Andy) Bardwell has more than 25 years of experience in statistical analysis and programming. Dr. Bardwell received his Ph.D. in Mathematical Statistics from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 1989. Since receiving his degree, he has been an independent consultant in Denver, providing data and statistical analysis to government, industry, and the legal profession. Dr. Bardwell has served as an expert witness in numerous legal matters involving human resources; demographics; race, age, and ethnic discrimination; voting; business matters; and computer programming issues.

Dr. Bardwell’s involvement in work for social justice goes back many years. Some of the pro-bono cases he has worked on include:

  • Expert services to the Colorado Lawyers Committee which contributed to the success of litigation creating a majority Hispanic State House district in a historically Hispanic region in south-central CO. Statistical methods are central to the proof required in voting rights litigation. This four-year project included conducting an analysis of over 50 elections that was pivotal in the decision by the appellate Court in reversing the decision of the District Court and requiring the redrawing of State House districts.

  • Expert services to the Colorado Lawyers Committee in successful litigation challenging the quality of child welfare services in Colorado. This three-year project included the statistical analyses of all databases maintained by the state of Colorado to track the provision of child welfare services and the review of thousands of pages of documentation provided by the State Department of Human Services. The litigation resulted in a court-monitored settlement providing for over 300 additional FTE (full-time equivalent) employees and over $30 million in additional funding.

  • Statistical services for land title litigation brought to reinstate traditional land use rights enjoyed by the campaneros (local Hispanic farmers) farming in the valley surrounding Culebra Mountain. This litigation was recently decided in favor of the farmers.

  • Testified in two cases brought against Plow Shares activists who had entered restricted areas of Federal weapons facilities in symbolic protest of our nuclear weapons.

Stephen Canner Stephen Canner, M.S.

Stephen Canner conducts research, data processing and statistical analyses. He received his M.S. degree from Montana State University in 1996 with an emphasis in statistical modeling of biological populations. He worked for Colorado State University prior to joining Bardwell Consulting as a senior consultant in 1999.

Jason Rust, M.A.

Jason Rust has provided the firm's IT expertise since 1998. Jason also develops programs for data conversion and preliminary statistical analyses. He is experienced in SPSS, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, Perl, MySQL, MSAccess, and graphics manipulation. Jason received his B.A. from Westmont College and his M.A. from Fuller Seminary. In addition, Jason is responsible for developing web pages for the company's web site as well as non-profit organizations on a pro-bono basis.